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19 Jan 2017 
Lydia Cole "Me and Moon"

Release date: 27 January 2012

Label: Independent


Lydia Cole is a Contemporary Folk singer/songwriter from Aukland New Zealand.

She does have a new album being released this coming February, but I've only just discovered her, so thought I'd go ahead and review this gem of an album.

It's an intensely personal recording, born of heartache and loss, one that will engage you with its intimacy, sweet vocals and gentle musicianship.

Listen on Spotify

"Blind Boy"

"Love and Loss and Love"


Similar artists:

Liza Anne

Jasmin Kennedy

Tiny Ruins

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17 Jan 2017 

Martha Wainwright "Goodnight City"

Release date: 11 November 2016

Label: Cadence Music


Martha Wainwright is a Canadian-Americanfolk-rock
singer-songwriter. She is the daughter of American folk singer and actor Loudon Wainwright III and Canadian folk singer-songwriter Kate McGarrigle.
On this, Wainwright's sixth full length studio release, she displays her versatility at its best. Switching from Folksy to Jazzy and even a touch of Electronica in the mix.

Her most polished and accessible album to date.  A pleasant surprise for this listener for sure.

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"Around the Bend"


Similar artists:

Beth Orton

Lisa Hannigan

Laura Veirs


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15 Jan 2017 

Kelley McRae "The Wayside"

Release date: 7 April 2016

Label: Independent


Kelley McRae is an American Contemporary Country singer/songwriter, who's music is a blend of Country, Folk and Americana.

"Kelley McRae’s latest release, The Wayside, is a testament to the inspiration inherent in the American landscape, the grief intrinsic to change, and the
hope that comes with stepping onto unknown soil. The Wayside, McRae says, “is the place along the side of the road where things get left behind, or where
you go to rest awhile, or where you go find something you lost along the way.” McRae’s songs sip life from the tension between holding on and letting go,
blooming in their rich search for truths".

Listen on Spotify

"Land of the Noon Day Sun"

"If You Need Me"

"Red Dirt Road"

Similar artists:

Catherine MacLellan

Meg Hutchinson

Lori McKenna


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12 Jan 2017 
Ninebarrow "Releasing the Leaves"

Release date: 26 March 2016

Label: Independant


Dorset based Folk duo Jon Whitley (vocals, organ, ukulele, tenor, octave mandola, piano) and Jay LaBouchardiere (vocals, reed organ), follow up their award winning recording "While the Blackthorn Burn", with an equally superb LP.

By and large it's a self penned album, a continuation into their exploration into this lands history and folklaw, carried out with excellent harmonies and exquisite musicianship.

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"For A Time"

"Lord Exmouth"

Similar artists:

Phillip Henry

The Furrow Collective


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10 Jan 2017 

Red Tail Ring "Fall Away Blues"

Release date 2 September 2016

Label: Independant


Red Tail Ring is the project of American Folk/Blue Grass duo Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo.

"Fall Away Blues" is their fourth full length release and probably their most accomplished yet.

It contains 8 original compositions and 3 traditionalsongs , plus one superb instrumental track. 

It's a rootsy album that adheres  to tales from the past and present day issues, all relayed by this duo's magical weaving of plucky Banjos and fizzing Fiddles, not to mention excellent vocals.

Listen on Spotify

"Fall Away Blues"

"Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies"

"A Ghost Whispers"

Similar artists:

The Honey Dewdrops

The Stray Birds

The Green Cards

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08 Jan 2017 
Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman "Hidden People"

Release date: 9 July 2012

Label: Navigator Records


Husband and wife duo, Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman are, together, up there with the best of todays British Folk scene.

"Hidden People" is there debut full length recording.  It's an album that swaps between acoustic rock and tender emotive ballads.

The couple specialise in writing dark supernatural stories and this is evident on this highly impressive record.

Listen on Spotify

"Hang the Rowan"

"The Ballad of Andy Jacobs"


Similar artists:

Ange Hardy

Cara Dillon

Jackie Oates


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05 Jan 2017 
The Pines "Above the Prairie"

Release date: 19 February 2016

Label: Red House Records


The Pines are an Alt/Country band from Minneapolis, USA, who, with their fifth full length release have created a recording of beautiful sonic soundscapes,.

"Above the Prairie" conjures images of vast rocky canyons, twinkling midnight skies that settle over and surround small communities that habitate this iconic landscape.

Listen on Spotify

"Hanging from the Earth"

"Sleepy Hollow"

"There in Spirit"

Similar artists:

Field Report

Great Lake Swimmers

His Golden Messenger

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02 Jan 2017 
Chris Wood "Handmade Life"

Release date: 7 December 2009

Label: Ruf Records


Chris Wood is an English Folk singer/songwriter from Kent and one who is steeped in traditional music, performing, writing and one who regularly shares his talents with other enthusiasts.

"Handmade Life" is his third full length solo release and one in which Wood builds on his 2 previous award winning recordings, "Tresspasser" and The Lark Descending".  He recruits a band this time which in no way detracts, indeed it enhances and compliments Wood's own excellent acoustic style.

The album is a contemplation on love, life and social matters, written with intellegence and finesse.

An exceptional album.

Listen on Spotify


"Hollow Point"

"My Darling's Downsized"

Similar artists:

Martin Simpson

June Tabor

Sam Carter

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30 Dec 2016 

Lapsley "Long Way Home"

Release date: 4 March 2016

Label: XL Recordings


Holly Lapsley Fletcher, known by the stage name Låpsley, is an English singer, songwriter, musician and producer.

"Long Way Home" is Lapsley's debut long player.  It's an ambient album of soulful vocals an electronic vibes, relateing heartfelt tales of love fulfilled and broken dreams.

An impressive first recording for one so young.

Listen on Spotify


"Hurt Me"

"Love is Blind"

Similar artists:

James Blake

Oh Wonder


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29 Dec 2016 

The Changing Room "Picking Up the Pieces"

Release date: 19 August 2016

Label: TCR Music



Sam Kelly and Tanya Brittain are the mainstays behind the Cornish Folk callaboration The Changing Room.

"Picking Up the Pieces" is their second full length recording, on which sees them joined by the likes of John Mccusker and Belinda O’Hooley, adding their weight to what is an excellent album.

Tanya explains, 'It includes more songs about our
industrial heritage such as mining and fishing but we've also included some songs about deeper issues. When industry has gone, when loved ones die, when
we lose our way in life - someone is always left picking up the pieces, literally and emotionally

Listen on Spotify

For videos, please visit The Changing Room website.

Similar artists:

The Furrow Collective

Boat To Row



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27 Dec 2016 
Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot "Breaking the Spell of Loneliness"

Release date: 14 October 2016

Label: Fellside


"Breaking the Spell of Loneliness" is a callaboration between the award winning Scottish Folk singer/songwriter Ewan McLennan and author/journalist George Monbiot.

Monbiot had written a piece about the epidemic, the silent killer that is loneliness and decided he wanted to bring it more to people's attention.  With that in mind, he recruited Ewan McLennan to weave his magic through his skill as one of todays finest storytellers and troubadour.

This is one of the most powerful and emotive albums you will ever hear.

Listen on Spotify

An insight  into the making of the album

Similar artists:

Martin Simpson

Maz O'Connor

Karine Polwart

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26 Dec 2016 
Fay Wildhagen "Snow"

Release date: 1 June 2015

Label: Warner


Fay Wildhagen is a Norwegian Alt/Rock singer/songwriter, who with "Snow", brings us her debut full length recording.

It's a captivating album, with soundscapes ranging from the delicate to the bold, dramatic but always beautiful.

 On the evidence of this LP, this young lady has a big future.

Listen on Spotify


"Into the Woods"

"Fire on the Mountain"

Similar artists:

Rebekka Karijord

Ane Brun

Agnes Obel

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16 Dec 2016 

Ange Hardy and Lucas Drinkwater "Findings"

Release date: 14 September 2016

Label: Story Records


Ange Hardy is a Contemporary/Traditional Folk singer/songwriter from Somerset and on this, her fifth studio recording, teams up with one of the hardest working session musicians in the business, Exeter based Lucas Drinkwater.

"Findings are the parts used to join jewellery components together to form a completed article. This is an album about daughters and their homelands, wives
and their husbands, sisters and their brothers, children and their parents, fathers and their grandfathers, parting and joining, mothers and their families.

It’s also about Lukas and I writing, recording and performing as a duo. We’ve created an album of music together that neither one of us could have created
alone. Interwoven with new songs that we've written this album contains our own findings, traditional songs that we’ve found a love for and verses or lines
from traditional material that have found their way into our songs.

This album is simultaneously my most stripped back and most full on piece of production. It's had more studio time than any other album I've recorded to
date. As well as me (vocals, guitar, harp, whistle) and Lukas Drinkwater (vocals, guitar, double bass) the album features the incredible musical contributions
of Archie Churchill-Moss (diatonic accordion), Ciaran Algar (fiddle), Evan Carson (percussion), Nancy Kerr (guest vocals), Kathryn Roberts (guest vocals)
and Steve Pledger on backing vocals."

Listen on Spotify

"By the Tides"

"The Trees They Do Grow High"

"Daughter Dear Daughter"

Similar artists:

Jackie Oates

Kate Rusby

Hannah Sanders

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12 Dec 2016 
Lizzie Nunnery and Vider Norheim "Black Hound Howling"

Release date: 17 September 2012

Label: Redthread


Liverpool based Alt/Folk singer/songwriter and playwrite Lizzie Nunnery, on her sophomore full length recording, callaborates with the very talented musician, Norwegian born, Vider Norheim.

As good as her debut, "Company of Ghosts", is, on "Black Hound Howling", Lizzie with the aid of Vider,,with his  skilled arrangements steps up another level and adds an extra dimension to

her songwriting.

It's a dark album,  portraying such portentous images of the end of the World and World poverty, but I urge you not to let that deter you from listening to this highly atmospheric, refreshing, unique long player.

Listen on Spotify

"Poverty Knocks"

"Black Hound Howling"

Similar artists:

Kate Bush

Jennifer Crook

Lori Diamond

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11 Dec 2016 
Jeffrey Foucault "Miles from the Lightning"

Release date: 2001

Label: Rock River Records


Jeffrey Foucault is an American Country/Folk singer/songwriter from Wisconsin and the album "Miles from the Lightning" is the album that marked the birth of this terriffic lyricist.

It's a spell binding record, with Foucault's vocals as good as any of the States many top male vocalists in this genre.  Tracks primarily consist of the acoustic guitar expertly picked by Foucault along with Peter Mulvey, allowing the listener to revel in pure poetry.

Listen on Spotify

"Miles from the Lightning"

"Ballad of Copper Junction"

"Walking at Dusk (The Liberty Bell)"

Similar artists

David Wilcox

Richard Shindell

Eliza Gilkysen


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08 Dec 2016 

Jess Vincent "Shine"

Release date: 25 September 2015

Label: Hatsongs Records


Jess Vincent is an English Contemporary Folk singer/songwriter from Wiltshire and one of the brightest up and coming talents in the field.

"Shine" is her third full length release and probably her most adventurous to date.  It's an album of skillfully crafted songs based on real life characters, such as the track "Wind on the Downs" based on a poem by Marian Allen about the loss of her loved one during World War I.

Jess's soaring vocals accompanied by some beautiful musicianship, Cello, guitar, banjo and accordian, will guide you through the 45 minutes of this recording, leaving you wishing for more.

I highly recommend her earlier recordings too.

Listen on Spotify


"Love Me True"

"Run Senor Run"

Similar artists:

Reg Meuross

Kim Lowings and the Greenwood

Hannah Sanders

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06 Dec 2016 
The Pineapple Thief "Your Wilderness"

Release date: 12 August 2016

Label: Scope Music


As regular readers of this blog, you will be aware it's rare that I feature anything considered to be Rock music, but at times you have to make exceptions and the British band, The Pineapple Thief, from Yeovil, Somerset,  have produced an album worthy of graceing these pages.

For true Prog Rock fans, "Your Wilderness" maybe seen to be too mello to fit the genre, but this is what certainly appeals to this listener and hopefully will appeal to you too.

It may well be on the softside, but be assured it doesn't lack thunderous moments.  Quite a few tracks start quietly, gradually building into a magestic  montage of guitar and drums. Atop all the fine instrumentation is lead singer Bruce Soord's excellent crystal clear vocals.

Listen on Spotify


"No Man's Land"

"Fend For Yourself"

Similar artists:

Porcupine Tree

Radio Head

Dry the River

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04 Dec 2016 
Kate Wolf "Poets Heart"

Original release date: 1985


The late American Folk singer/songwriter, Kate Wolf left a legacey of beautiful music and her final studio recording, "Poets Heart" typifies the beauty and sensability of her writing.

Listen on Spotify

Full album stream

Similar artists:

Tracy Grammer

Eliza Gilkysen

Antj Dubicot


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03 Dec 2016 
Greylag "Greylag"

Release date: 14 October 2014

Label: Dead Oceans


Folk/Rock band Greylag, based in Portland, Oregan, are made up of Andrew Stonestreet, Daniel Dixon and Brady Swan.

The self titled long player is their debut offering and one full of promise.  It possesses a vintage feel about it, with shades of Crosby Still and Nash, but maintains a current feel with echos of the Fleet Foxes.

It's an earthy album with rootsy blue vibes, Country rocking and tasteful west coast harmonies.

Listen on Spotify

"Yours to Shake"


"Black Skies"

Similar artists:

Field Report

The Barr Brothers

Mimiking Birds

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30 Nov 2016 

David Francey and Mike Ford "Seaway"

Release date: 3 November 2009

Label: Laker Music


David Francey is a three-time Juno Award winning singer and songwriter who is a favorite on the folk circuit in Canada, The US and beyond. Mike Ford, late
of Moxy Fruvous, is a singer/songwriter and educator whose songs bring aspects and events of Canadian history and geography to life as recipient of the
Ontario Arts Council Artist In Education grant. A few years back Francey and Ford spent several weeks traveling the Great Lakes aboard the M.V. Algoville,
taking in the life of a seaman and writing songs. Some of the fruit of that trip has finally been released on the collaborative album Seaway.

It's a highly atmospheric album that will draw you in and make you blieve you were there too.

Listen on Spotify

"Banks of the Seaway"


"A Thousand Miles"

Similar artists:

Ewan Mclennan

Jeffrey Foucault

Mark Erelli


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27 Nov 2016 
Tracy Grammer "Book of Sparrows"

Release date: 23 December 2007

Label: Tracy Grammer Music

Website: www.tracy

Tracy Grammer is an American Contemporary Folk singer/songwriter from Florida.

Up until 2002, Grammer was part of a Folk duo, Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer.  It was Carter's wish that Tracy sing most of the songs which gave her the impetus to carry on performing after his death.

"Book of Sparrows" is a finely crafted mini album of 7 songs containing pure gentle poetry. 

Although mainly covers of others, this lady makes them her own, further enhancing her reputation as one of America's best female artists of the genre.

Listen on Spotify

Full album stream

Similar artists:

Sonya Cotton

Lucy Kaplansky

Meg Hutchinson

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25 Nov 2016 

Gravenhurst "The Ghost in Daylight"

Release date: 30 April 2012

Label: Warp Records


Gravenhurst was the musical pseudonym of the English, Bristol based  singer-songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist and journalist Nicholas John Talbot (14
May 1977 – 2 December 2014 when he died just aged 37.

 The release of The Ghost in Daylight in 2012 saw the formation of a new three-piece
Gravenhurst Ensemble, featuring Rachel Lancaster on vocals, bass guitar and keyboards, and Claire Adams on vocals and percussion. Talbot also performed
solo with a guitar and phrase-sampling, looping and droning devices.
It's a dark atmospheric album combining harmony laidened tracks with intricately picked guitar, occasionally developing into more Rock orientated sequences.

A real gem of a find.

Listen on Spotify

"The Foundry"

"In Miniature"

"The Prize"

Similar artists:

Nick Drake


Mark Kozelek


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24 Nov 2016 

The Sweeplings "Rise and Fall"

Release date: 7 August 2015

Label: Independent


Whitney Dean and Cami Bradley make up the Alabama based Folk/Pop duo The Sweeplings.

"Rise and Fall" is their debut full length recording.  It's a feel good album, that richly paints a cinematic soundscape  with sweet melodies and even sweeter harmonies. 

It trends the rise and fall of their lives, following the journey of who they are and who they will become.

Listen on Spotify

"Long Way Around"

"Carry Me Home"

"Under Your Spell"

Similar artists:

The Civil Wars

Handsome and Gretyl

Penny and Sparrow


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23 Nov 2016 

King Charles "Gamble For A Rose"

Release date: 22 January 2016

Label: Buffalo Gang


King Charles, born Charles Costa is an award winning  London based Alt/Folk singer/songwriter who with his sophomore full length release, "Gamble For A Rose", he has returned to his roots, bringing the listener a raw, more mature recording.

It's brim full of slow burning songs that build to infectious melodies, not unlike Mumford and Sons, which isn't surprising as the album is produced by Marcus Mumford.

Listen on Spotify

"Loose Change for the Boatman"


"Gamble for a Rose"

Similar artists:

Mumford and Sons

Dry the River

Noah and the Whale

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18 Nov 2016 

Sweet Liberties "Sweet Liberties"

Release date: 7 October 2016

Label: Quercus Records


Sweet Liberties is a new 14-track album that charts Britain's social and political journey through the eyes of some of the country's leading folk singer
songwriters and musicians. From the original 2015 commission by Folk by the Oak and the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS), in partnership with
the House of Commons as part of the 2015 Anniversaries: Parliament in the Making programme, these new and original songs celebrate 800 years of the pursuit
of democracy. Sweet Liberties features a line up of musicians with a strong pedigree. Among the tracks, 'The Welsh Springsteen' Martyn Joseph pays tributes
to fellow countrymen Nye Bevan and Dic Penderyn, and BBC Folk Singer of the Year (2015) Nancy Kerr weaves subjects including the Magna Carta, Human Rights
Act, women's suffrage and slavery into compelling and heartfelt songs. Sam Carter showcases his storytelling skills to examine the struggle against slavery.
One of the freshest voices on the contemporary folk scene Maz O'Connor brings history firmly into the present day with her reflections on the Poor Law
and race relations. Backed by talented instrumentalists Patsy Reid (formerly of Breabach) and Nick Cooke (Mawkin, Kate Rusby Band).

This is a unique album of thought provoking, highly original and relevant new music.

"Broad Waters"

"Dic Penderyn"

"Written On My Skin"

"Am I Not a Man or a Brother?"

Similar artists:

The Elizabethan Session

Songs of Separation

Jackie Oates

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17 Nov 2016 

Haroula Rose "Here the Blue River"

Release date: 25 March 2016

Label: Little Bliss Records


Chicago born, Los Angeles based Haroula Rose is a multi talented artist, writing for or film and TV as well as being a fine singer/songwriter.

"Here the Blue River" is a departure from the acoustic folk of Rose s debut LP, with smoky, haunting production complementing her alluring voice and magnetic
storytelling.  Inspired by post-apocalyptic imagery, nostalgia, Greek mythology, and meteor showers,
Rose sings about creation and destruction, and the ebb and flow of life.
Listen on Spotify

"This Old House"

"Moon and Waves"


Similar artists:

Lia Icis

Lauren Shera

Caitlin Canty


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13 Nov 2016 

Charm of Finches "Staring at the Starry Ceiling"

Release date: 29 July 2016

Label: Independant

Charm of Finches are sister "dream folk"duo Mabel and Ivy, aged 16 and 14. They live in Melbourne, Australia, and produce harmony-laden chamber tinged
folk for the famished soul.

Their debut album "Staring at the Starry Ceiling" features the duo's signature angelic sibling harmonies, with a distinct chamber-folk flavour coming from
the instrumentation: cello, violin, guitar, ukulele, lyre, banjo, piano, glockenspiel: all played by the sisters, played and performed with a maturity that belies their young age.

Listen on Spotify


"Paper and Ink"

"Sky Watching"

Similar artists:

The Mae Trio

Lucy Wise

Sarah Blasko 

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11 Nov 2016 
Leonard Cohen "Popular Problems"

Release date: 19 September 2014

Label: Columbia


Leonard Cohen was a Canadian Folk singer/songwriter, but first and formost, he was a Poet.

Sadly he passed away today at the age of 82.  Therefore I thought it only right I feature the man who enriched so many peoples lives with his words and music.

"Popular Problems" is his 13th studio recording and to my mind one that's more accessible than earlier albums for those of you to hear who may not be that familiar with his works.

Cohen's distinctive deep rich vocals and slow bluesy instrumentation make for a perfect late night listen, but make sure you've got a glass of your favourite red, or single malt to complete the ambiance.

Listen on Spotify


"Almost Like the Blues"

Never Mind"

"Born in Chains"

Similar artists:

Nick cave and the Bad Seeds

Tom Waits

Joni Mitchell


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09 Nov 2016 
Ben Ottewell "Shapes and Shadows"

Release date: 7 February 2011

Label: Eat Sleep Records


Ben Ottewell may be better known as the lead singer for the Southport Indie band Gomez, but in 2011 he released his first solo recording "Shapes and Shadows".

On this album it's evident that Ottwell has matured both musically and lyrically, crafting richly heartfelt songs rangeing from  separation to reaching ones goals no matter the odds.

Highly recommended.

Listen on Spotify



"Shapes and Shadows"

Similar artists:

Mark Kozelek

Kurt Vile


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06 Nov 2016 
Odetta Hartman"

Release date: 2 October 2015

Label: Northern Spy Records


Odetta Hartman is a New York based Experimental/Folk singer/songwriter, who with this her debut full length record, pushes the boundaries of conventional Folk music, adding a variety of glitches to the acoustic mix.

A really refreshing album.

Listen on Spotify


"Lucky Dog"

"Hard Wired"

Similar artists:

Lera Lyn

Twin Bandit

Caroline Rose

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05 Nov 2016 
Twin Bandit "For You"

Release date: 29 June 2015

Label: Network


Contemporary Folk Canadian duo Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliott make up Twin Bandit and with "For You", bring us their impressive debut full length recording.

It swiftly  becomes evident that the ladies have a musical chemistry that would normally be found between sibling artists, which is particularly amazing, as they've only known each other for a couple of years.

At times Folk veers into Country, but no less enjoyable for all that.

The album possesses chilled induced harmonies that will transport the listener to warm Summer evenings relaxing in the back garden with some home made lemonade.

Listen on Spotify


"For You"


Similar artists:

The Staves

The Wailin Jennys



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31 Oct 2016 
Avalanche City "Our New Life Above the Ground"

Release date: 4 April 2011

Label: Warner Music NZ


Avalanch City is the monicker of Indie/Folk artist, Dave Baxter, from Auckland New Zealand.

Debut full length recording, "Our New Life Above the Ground" was first issued as a free download, swiftly went viral and Baxter was soon recruited by a major record label.

It's a vibrant feel good album, with Dave Baxter responsible for superb multi instrumentation, infectious melodies and his potent vocals that are central to the overall mood of this impressive debut.

Listen on Spotify

"Love Love Love"


"You and I"

Similar artists:

Bears Den

Cry Monster Cry

The Lumineers

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29 Oct 2016 
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions "Bavarian Fruit Bread"

Release date: 23 October 2001

Label: Rough Trade America


Former member of the band Mazzy Star, Hope Sandoval is a Californian Alt/Folk singer/songwriter, who in 2001 released her highly acclaimed debut solo recording "Bavarian Fruit Bread".

It's a magical album of dreamy vocals, hazy guitars and light touches of glockenspiel and harmonica.

Ideal for late night listening and a glass of single malt.

Listen on Spotify

"Butterfly Mornings"


"Feeling of Gaze"

Similar artists:

Mazzy Star


Sianna Plavin


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28 Oct 2016 

Owls of the Swamp "Go With River"

Release date: 15 May 2011

Label: Labelship


Australian troubadour Pete Uhlenbruch, aka Owls of the Swamp wrote this, his second full length recording, whilst holed up in a beach hut and despite such basic surroundings he managed to produce a beautiful acoustic Folk/Pop long player.

"Go With River" features a delicately picked guitar, along with Uhlenbruch's meloncholic tones, augmented by sweetly layered textured strings.

A bittersweet album that should be cherrished and a part of your music collection.

Listen on Spotify

"So Far Away"

"Long May You Run"


Similar artists:

Iron and Wine


Rue Royale

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26 Oct 2016 

Johnnyswim "Georgica Pond"

Release date: 14 October 2016

Label: Big Picnic Records


Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez make up the American Soul/Folk duo JOHNNYSWIM. The pair met in Nashville in 2005, instituting a songwriting partnership not long afterward.
They clicked together musically and personally, beginning a romantic relationship along with their creative connection.

"Georgica Pond" is their sophomore full length release.  It's a sumptuous album mapping the highs and lows of married life with its heartaches and rewards along the way.

Listen on Spotify

"Summer Time Romance"

"Touching Heaven"

"Georgica Pond"

Similar artists:

The Civil Wars

Dark Dark Dark

The Oh Hellos

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23 Oct 2016 
Jennifer Castle "Pink City"

Release date: 8 September 2014

Label: No Quarter

Website: ...

Canadian Contemporary Folk singer/songwriter, Jennifer Castle, released this, her sophomore full length recording in 2014 and was soon earmarked as an emerging talent, even being likened to the great Joni Mitchell.

It's an engaging set of songs possessing gentle charm and beauty.  Castle's honeyed, slightly husky vocals bestow richly woven tales from the ordinary to the sublime.

I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful career for this young lady.

Listen on Spotify

"Pink City"

"Sailing Away"


Similar artists:

The Weather Station

Nadia Reid

Joan Shelly

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19 Oct 2016 
Tom McRae "From the Lowlands"

Release date: 15 April 2013

Label: Cooking Vinyl


Tom McRae is an English Indie/Rock singer/songwriter from Chelmsford in Essex.

13 years ago McRae released his self titled debut full length record to rave reviews, but subsequent recordings for some reason failed to garner similar acclaim.

However, his last offering "From the Lowlands" marks a return to his very best work and very special too.

The album consists of deeply personal stories,, Tom's compelling vocals being the focal point amidst a limited amount of instrumentation.

Highly recommended!

Listen on Spotify

"Lately's All I Know"

"Alphabet of Hurricans"

"Nothing on the Dry Land"

Similar artists:

Scott Matthews

Steven Fretwell

Beth Orten


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18 Oct 2016 
Adam Torres "Pearls to Swines"

Release date: 3 September 2016

Label: Fat Possum Records


Adam Torres is an American Indie/Folk singer/songwriter from Albuquerque, who after a gap of 10 years from his debut recording, "Nova Nostra", brings us a much anticipated follow up with "Pearls to Swine".

Torres's folsetto soars with aching beauty over languid images of rural Americana landscapes, mingled with dusty acoustic reflections on  the elemental side of life.

Listen on Spotify

"Juniper Arms"

"Some Beast Will Find You By Name"


Similar artists:

Jennifer Castle

Chris Staples

Leif Volebek

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16 Oct 2016 

Steven Wilson "Transience"

Release date 4 September 2015

Label: Burning Shed Records


Steven Wilson is a Progressive/Rock singer/songwriter from Kingston Upon Thames and founder member of the Rock band Porcupine Tree.

Now a World acclaimed artist in his own right, Wilson has gone on to release 7 full length recordings and "Transience" is his latest offering.

Essentially it's a best of, rerecorded, but I prefer to call it a sampler, giving you a taste of his works and what genius this man is capable of.

For those of you who aren't aquainted with Wilson's music, it's been described as somewhere between Pink Floyd and Radio Head, but definitely possesses a style of his own.

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Similar artists:

Porcupine Tree

No Man

The Pineapple Thief

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15 Oct 2016 

Volcano Choir "Repave"

3 September 2013

Label: Jagjaguwar


Volcano Choir are a 6 piece Indi/Rock band from Wisconsin U.S.A, with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame, on lead vocals and members of the Post/Rock band Collection of Colony of Bees making up the rest.

For fans of Bon Iver, you won't be altogether disappointed with what you hear on "Repave".  It's an album with vigor, memorable hooks and melodies that will stick in your mind.  Vernon's vocals seep through, layered over tightly structured tunes and at times, arena filling soundscapes.

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Full album stream

Similar artists:

Bon Iver

Other Lives

The National

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13 Oct 2016 
Jennifer Warnes "Famous Blue Raincoat, The Songs of Leonard Cohen, 20th Anniversary Edition"

Release date: 9 August 2007 

Label: Shout Factory


This classic album, originally released in 1987, on the 20th anniversary edition it has received a makeover, having been digitally remastered and supplied with 4 bonus tracks.

Cohen's sophisticated poetry allied with Warnes's cultured vocals are a recipie for what has become, in some circles, an iconic recording.

For those of you who aren't familiar with either artists work, you're in for a treat and for those of you who are, you will be equally delighted with the new version of this long player.

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"Famous Blue Raincoat"

"First We Take Manhatton"

"Song of Bernadette"

Similar artists:

Beth Nielsen Chapman

Linda Ronstadt

Carly Simon


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10 Oct 2016 

Billie Marten "Writing of Blues and Yellows"

Release date: 23 September 2016

Label: RCA


I reviewed this young lady a couple of years ago with one of her EP's, at the time she was only 15 and promised much!

I can confirm, now with the release of her debut long player, she has delivered.

"Writing of Blues and Yellows" is beautifully crafted, floorlessly delicate and deeply intrespective.  It examines Billie's hopes and fears, whilst drawing on imagery from her upbringing in the Yorkshire Dales with its rain soaked an windswept landscapes.

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"Milk and Honey"


Similar artists:

Annie Eve

Siv Jakobsen


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05 Oct 2016 
Julien Baker "Sprained Ankle"

Release date: "23 October 2015

Label: 6131 Records

Website: N.A

21 year old Alt/Rock singer/songwriter, Julien Baker is from Memphis, Tennessee and with "Sprained Ankle", she brings us her debut long player.

It's a coming of age album brimming with raw emotion and the fragility of youth.  Julien sings accompanied solely by a starkly picked guitar and the occasional drumbeat, delivering each song with heartfelt sincerity.

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"Sprained Ankle"



Similar artists:

Lucy Dacus

Sianna Plavin

Jasmine Kennedy


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02 Oct 2016 
Heidi Talbot "Here We Go 1, 2, 3"

Release date: 23 September 2016

Label: Navigator Records


This is the Irish Folk singer/songwriter's fifth studio recording.  having been co written and produced by highly acclaimed traditional artist in his own right, husband John McCusker, it's probably one of her most personal yet.

The album explores Heidi's life as a Mother, Daughter and performer.  The tenderness with which she delivers each song can only be born out of ones own experiences  and having the birth of her second child and the loss of her Mother in recent years was bound to be a profound influence on this long player.

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"The Year That I Was Born"

"Here We Go 1, 2, 3"

Similar artists:

Karine Polwart

Karan Casey

Emily Smith

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01 Oct 2016 
Firekites "The Bowery"

Release date: 28 April 2008

Label: Spunk Own Records


Firekites are an Australian Indie/Pop band from New South Wales, made up of two front men, Rod Smith and Tim Mcphee, both multi instrumentalists, are joined by Violinist Jason Tampake and guest vocalist Jane Tyerrell.

"The Bowery" is an album that has  a bit of something for everyone, whether it be the smooth flowing melodies, tight harmonies and even a bit of electro in the mix.

Intricately picked guitars, haunting strings and lightly rythmic drumbeats make this a perfect chill out recording.

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"Autumn Story"

"Last Ships"

"Same Suburb, Different Park"

Similar artists:



Kings of Convenience

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30 Sep 2016 

Chelsea Wolfe "Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs"


Release date: 16 October 2012


Label: Sargent House




Californian born Indie/Rock singer/songwriter, Chelsea Wolfe, follows up her 2011 break through release "Apokalypsis". Whereas that recording was wall to wal thrashing electric guitars, "Unknown Rooms" is the other end of the spectrum.


Thankfully on this sophomore recording the focus is on Chelsea's haunting vocals that possess a dark beauty, accompanied by sparse guitars an light percussion

As Chelsea Wolfe admits she is interested in revealing the beauty in dark things and she certainly achieves that on this album.  Each unknown room eminates ghostly etherial soundwaves that will in turn chill you and thrill you with their exquisite simplicity.

Listen on Spotify


"Virginia Wolf Underwater"


Similar artists:

Sharon Van Etten

Julia Holter

Zola Jesus

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26 Sep 2016 
Jarlath Henderson "Hearts Broken, Heads Turned"

Release date: 6 May 2016

Label: Bellows Records


The youngest ever winner of the BBC Radio 2 new Folk award in 2003, Jarlath Henderson from Tyrone, Ulster, finally brings us his debut full length recording and it's been well worth the wait.

In the interim years he hasn't been idle, having made two callaborative records with fellow Folk artist Ross Ainslie and studied to become a Doctor.

Primarily a master Uillean piper, Henderson demonstrates his talent for this instrument throughout the album.  Also, with his intense lilting vocals, set to an inventive reworking oftraditional tunes, he breathes new life into this genre.

Listen on Spotify

The making of the album

Similar artists:

Ross Ainslie

Dougie Mclean

Chris Dreaver


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24 Sep 2016 

Lake Forest "Silver Skies"

Release date: 14 February 2012

Label: Verite


Lake Forest is the project of Canadian singer/songwriter Will Whitwham, band member of Folk/Rock outfit Wilderness of Manitoba.

"Silver Skies" is his debut solo offering and one that's spellbinding in it's plaintive simplicity. 

With shimmering guitars and dreamlike vocals it evokes images of snowy landscapes and frozen lakes, but with it's beauty it will warm you through and leave you with a quiet glow inside.

Listen on Spotify

"Autumn Skies"


"Silver Stars"

Similar artists:

The White Album



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24 Sep 2016 
Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage "Before the Sun"

Release date: 16 September 2016

Label: Sungrazing Records


Norwich born, English Folk singer/songwriter, Hannah Sanders, following on from her highly acclaimed debut full length long player, "Charms Against the Sun", on "Before the Sun" teams up with Willows band member, Ben Savage and has produced another quality recording.

The pair draw on influences from both sides of the pond with traditional tales from the States and England, as well as a couple of

self penned compositions for good measure.

Savage's talents as a musician and vocalist, entwined with Sanders's pure unblemished tones, not to mention her own abilities on Guitar, Auto Harp and Dulcemar, are a recipie for what is another fine album for this artist.

Listen on Spotify

"he Fall"

"Unquiet Grave"

"Ribbons and Bows"

Similar artists:

Maz O'Connor

The Willows

Johnny Kearney and Lucy Farrell


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20 Sep 2016 
Lucy Dacus "No Burden"

Release date: 26 February 2016

Label: Matador


Lucy Dacus is an Indie/Rock singer/songwriter from Richmond, Virginia.

"No Burden" is a confident debut recording for this young artist, filled with hard hitting lyrics, somewhat softened by Lucy's smooth tones that skip lightly over rough guitar rifts and ryhthmic pounding drums.

Listen on Spotify

"I Don't Want to be Funny Anymore"

"Map on a Wall"


Similar artists:

Chelsea Wolf

Jasmine Kennedy

Little May

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18 Sep 2016 

Anna & Elizabeth "Anna & Elizabeth"

Release date: 17 March 2015

Label: Free Dirt


"Singer Elizabeth LaPrelle is joined on some fine, shimmering harmonies by Anna Roberts-Gevalt who also provides the masterful instrumental work, as they
dig deep into the American tradition for a repertoire of rousing old time dance numbers, haunting Appalachian ballads and lilting lullabies. Music both
invigorating and contemplative from two brightly shining, unpretentious talents".

Listen on Spotify

NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Similar artists:

Gillian Welsh

Ari and Mia

Aoife O'Donovan

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16 Sep 2016 
James Taylor "Before This World"

Release date: 15 June 2015

Label: Concord


The legend that is James Taylor, with "Before This World" brings us his 17th studio recording and the first since "October Road" in 2002.

For fans of JT, you won't be disappointed, the album still maintains his unmistakeable layed back style, rich vocals and easy picked acoustic guitar.

With the exception of the thought provoking track of "Far Afghanistan", it may lack some of the gritty  intrispection from his earlier records, but for me, that's no bad thing, it feels like a recording of a man who's content with his lot and just wants to bring a little Californian sunshine into others lives.

Listen on Spotify

"Angels of Fenway"

"You and I Again"

"Far Afghanistan"

Similar artists:

Paul Simon

Jackson Brown

David Wilcox

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15 Sep 2016 

Judy Collins and Ari Hest "Silver Skies Blue"

Release date: 24 June 2016

Label: Cleopatra Records


This collaboration between the legendary, multi award winning Folk/Pop singer/songwriter, Judy Collins and the relatively unknown Ari Hest on the surface, may seem an unlikely duo, but on the contrary, the Pair's vocals compliment eachother superbly.

Judy's vocal tones bely her 76 years, still as clear as a bell, woven with Hest's mature rich tenner, you might think they've been performing together for years.

The record possesses lightly flowing melodies with touches of elegance that we've come to expect from Judy Collins an the tighter rhythms associated with Hest.

Lyrically, we have the blend of Collins's deeply personal songwriting and Ari's more edgeyer perspection on life.  All in all the two have created an exceptionally beautiful recording.

Listen on Spotify

"I Choose Love"

"Silver Skies Blue"

"The Wait"

Similar artists:

Joni Mitchell

Peter Bradley Adams

Gabe Dixon

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05 Sep 2016 
Mighty Oaks "Howel"

Release date: 28 February 2014

Label: Universal


Berlin based Alt/Rock band consist of members, British born Ian Hooper, Italian Claudio Donzelli, and American Craig Saunders.

"Howel" is their only full length recording to date, but nevertheless an impressive debut.

It's an album largely full of energetic,enthusiastic melodies and tight three part harmonies relaying tales of friendship and love.

Listen on Spotify


"Just One Day"

"When I Dream I See"

Similar artists:

Bears Den

Last Bison

Avalanche City


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03 Sep 2016 
Birdsong At Morning "A Slight Departure"

Release date: 21 July 2015

Label: Blue Gentian Records


Massachusetts based band Birdsong at Morning are an Alt/Folk band Led by singer/songwriter Alan Williams, along with compatriots Darleen Wilson (guitar) and Greg Porter (bass),.

This highly innovative  trio creates elegant tapestries of sound, words, and music, at times reminiscent of the early 70's outfit Renaissance.

With this their follow up to an ambitious debut EP box set, in "A Slight Departure" they have crafted a seriously lustrous set of songs.

A must listen.

Listen on Spotify

"The Great Escape"

"Never to Part"

Similar artists:




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02 Sep 2016 
The Mae Trio "Housewarming"

Release date: 16 February 2014

Label: Self


Melbourne Australia based The Mae Trio, are an Americana outfit consisting of Sisters Maggie and Elsie Rigby, accompanied by Annette Hillman.

All three had a hand in the writing of this album, crafting a beautifully simple recording of bright distinctive music that has a blend of Appalacian and Celtic styles in the mix.

Their tight 3 part harmonies hold an etherial quality, this atop a backdrop of Banjo, Ukulele, Cello, Acoustic Guitar, strings and even a little Marimba go to making this a really pleasurable listen and one to bring a little of that Australian sunshine into your life.

Listen on Spotify


"William Morris"


Similar artists:

Tinpan Orange

We Two Thieves

Mel Parsons

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29 Aug 2016 
Kim Richey "Thorn in my Heart"

Release date: 16 APril 2013

Label: Yep Rock Records


Kim Richey is a Country singer/songwriter from Ohio, who may be better known as a writer than performer, having written hits for the likes of Tricia Yearwood, Dixie Chicks and Suzie Boggus.

However, she has managed to produce 6 other recordings before "Thorn in My Heart".  It's a top album for those of you who like contemporary Country music.

Perfectly unblemished vocals relaying tales of heartbreak, love an hope, accompanied by polished musicianship from herself and band members.

Listen on Spotify

"Thorn in My Heart"

"London Town"

"Angels Share"

Similar artists:

Lori Mckenna

Catherine Mclellan

Gretchin Peters

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28 Aug 2016 
The Small Glories "Wonderous Traveller"

Release date: 15 July 2016

Label:Blue Case Tubes


Cara Luft and J.D Edwards, otherwise known as The Small Glories, are a Canadian Roots/Folk outfit, who with "Wonderous Traveller", have made a very impressive debut full length recording.

It's an album with a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, well matched harmonies and rousing Banjo.

It combines both Edwards's Country and Luft's Folk influences perfectly, creating a record that stirs, thrills and one that will be sure to conjure up visions of tumbleweed and cactus of the North American praries.

Listen on Spotify

"Had I Paid"

"Something to Hold on to"

"Wonderous Traveller"

Similar artists:

The Honey Dewdrops

The Wailin Jennys

Ruth Moody

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27 Aug 2016 
Soley "We Sink"

Release date: 2 September 2011

Label: Morr Music


Icelandic Indie/Folk singer/songwriter Soley, after a successful career with the band Seabear, released this, her debut solo recording in 2011.

 Echoes of her homeland, "We Sink" is a subtley bleak album, but with a unique beauty   all of its own.

Soley's haunting enigmatic vocals possess a tenderness that will captivate the listener and draw you into dark tales of Icelandic folklaw.

Listen on Spotify

"I'll Drown"

"Pretty Face"

"Smashed Birds"

Similar artists:

Lanterns on the Lake


Agnes Obel


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23 Aug 2016 
The Honey Dewdrops "Tangled Country"

Release date: 8 May 2015

Label:RANDM Records


Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish, collectively known as The Honey Dewdrops, are an Americana outfit from Baltimore.

"Tangled Country" is their fourth studio recording.  All songs are original compositions, hand crafted by both Wortman and Parrish.

The album musically consists of sweet lilting banjo, pedal steel guitar and gorgeous harmonies, with songs written about life's hopes, dreams and disappointments.

A gem of a record.

Listen on Spotify


"Same Old"


Similar artists:

Gillian Welsh

Ruth Moody

The Small Glories

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20 Aug 2016 
Oh Wonder "Oh Wonder"

Release date: 4 September 2004

Label: Caroline Records


Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West are the duo who make up the London based Indie/Pop band Oh Wonder.

I first came across this couple whilst watching the credits role on the brilliant ITV drama "Unforgotten" and just had to look them up and wasn't disappointed when I found this, their debut self titled full length release.

It's an album that's easy on the ear.  It's not one that demands too much scrutany, with its lyrics about loving and turbulant relationships, but does possess an obvious harmony, vocally as well as spiritually, that exists between this pair.

Listen on Spotify


"Without You"

"All We Do"

Similar artists:


The XX

Marion Hill

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17 Aug 2016 
Saturday Sun "Orixe"

Release date 13 January 2014

Label: Viva La Fleetwood


Saturday Sun are a four piece Alt/Folk band from Bournmouth and "Orixe" is their most impressive debut full length release.

Alex Hedley's distinctive falsetto tones will tear at your heart one moment, the next soothe it like a warming Winter balm.  Melodies will wash over you on some tracks and others will warm you with an inner glow, but all possess raw emotions that will have the listener transfixed and unable to touch the skip button for fear of missing one iota of this excellent recording.

Listen on Spotify



"Seeds to the Sun"

Similar artists:

Roo Panes

Jasmin Kennedy

Frances Luke Accord

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15 Aug 2016 
Frances Luke Accord "Fluke"

Release date: 20 May 2016

Label: Independant


Frances Luke Accord are an Indie/Folk duo from Indiana, comprising of multi instrumentalists and songwriters, Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers.

"Fluke" is their debut long player.  It's a wonderfully expansive album, possessing rich musical tapestries with soaring strings, interwoven with delicate percussion, brass, acoustic guitar and brilliantly syncopated vocals.

A perfect accompaniment for a Summers evening.

Listen on Spotify

"Something Moving"

"Nowhere to be Found"


Similar artists:


Anais Mitchell

Dark Dark Dark

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13 Aug 2016 
Glen Hansard "Didn't He Ramble"

Release date: 18 September 2015



Glen Hansard is an award winning Folk/Rock singer/songwriter from Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

"Didn't He Ramble" is Glen's second full length recording and a step up in quality from his well received debut "Rhythm and Repose".

It's a warm, charming set of songs based on poignant ruminations of friendships and reflective self examination.

Listen on Spotify

Full album stream

Similar artists:

Lisa Hannigan

Damien Rice

Alexi Murdoch

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11 Aug 2016 
Darlingside "Birds Say"

Release date: 15 July 2016

Label: More Doug Records


Darlingside are a four piece Indie/Folk band from Cambridge Massachusetts and "Birds Say" is their debut full length long player.

The album is a collective effort with all four members playing a vital role from conception to completion.  The result is a cohesive set of songs featuring richly textured four part harmonies accompanied by Harmonium, Mandolin,, Guitar, Cello and Violin.

Highly recommended.

Listen on Spotify

"The God of Loss"

"White Horses"

"The Ancestor"

Similar artists:

The Last Bison

Fleet Foxes

Nickel Creek


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08 Aug 2016 

August and After "Embers"

Release date: 01 August 2013

Label: Emubands


London based Ned Mortimer and Vedantha
Kumar make up the Indie/Folk duo of August and After.

"Embers is their debut full length release; it's a classically inspired piece of work.

laced with rich Viola and Cello lines, nimbly picked acoustic guitar and haunting brass, this impressive first album from these guys will have you cooing with delight.

Listen on Spotify

"The Orchard"

"Set Sail"


Similar artists:

Kings of Convenience

Radical Face

Bon Iver


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07 Aug 2016 
Rachel Newton "Here's My Heart Come Take It"

Release date: 15 April 2016

Label: Shadowside Records


Rachel Newton is a traditional Folk singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland.

She is one of the most gifted of interpreters of Folk music, putting her own stamp on traditional songs and composing original works of her own.

"Here's My Heart Come Take It" is her third solo recording and one in which she has created a beautifully bruding atmospheric album.

Rachel's trademark Electro Harp with its base notes is always at the heart of her music and this is no exception.  Combined with her plaintive lilting vocals relaying stories of love and tragedy makes this A most compelling listen.

Listen on Spotify

An insight on the making of the album

Similar artists:

Songs of Separation

Inga Thomson

Mishaped Pearls


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05 Aug 2016 
Elephant Revival "These Changing Skies"

Release date: 17 March 2014

Label: Its Evolving Records


Elephant Revival are a 5 piece Alt/Folk band from Colorado, whose music sometimes gets referred to as transendental Folk... a blend of Folk, Blue Grass, Country and Indie with a touch of celtic influence in the mix.

"These Changing Skies" is a fulsome album with bouncing rhythms, stacked with creative arrangements and catchy melodies.

It's a recording of the highest musical calibre, all band members being multiinstrumentalists and true in their manipulation of electric banjo, mandolin, Viola, acoustic guitar, double base and washboard.


Just have to mention where they got their curious band name from... based on a true story of two Elephants that were separated after being together at the same Zoo for 16 years, both died on the same day.

Listen on Spotify

"Remembering a Beginning"

"The Obvious"


Similar artists:

Dana Sipos

Liza Anne

Joy Kill Sorrow


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01 Aug 2016 

Amber Rubarth "Scribbled Folk Symphonies"

Release date: 15 April 2016

Label: Chesky Records


Amber Rubarth is an American Contemporary/Folk singer/songwriter from California.

Recorded with a special microphone, "Scribbled Folk Symphonies", is presented in such a way that Amber could be in the room with you performing beautiful music.

This recording eminates calm and serenity with Amber's pure vocals  being accompanied by World class Cellist Dave Eggar and herself on lightly picked acoustic guitar. 

An outstanding record.

Listen on Spotify

Apologies no videos available for this album.

Similar artists:

Bess Rogers

Ally Moss

Ingrid Michaelson

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30 Jul 2016 
Johanna Warren "Newman"

Release date: 19 May 2015

Label: Team Love Records


Portland based Alt/Folk singer/songwriter Johanna Warren, with her sophomore release, "Newman", brings the listener a beautifully spacious recording.

It's an organic album with resonant acoustic guitars and floating woodwind.  Johanna's sweet soft vocals bely the deep emotions running through each track of this gorgeous long player.

Listen on Spotify

"True Colours"

"Black Moss"

"Figure 8"

Similar artists:

Alela Diane

Marisa Nadler

Joni Mitchell


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29 Jul 2016 

The Last Bison "VA"

Release date: 10 September 2014

Label: Universal


The Last Bison, is a multi instrumentalistIndie/Folk
 band that formed in
Chesapeake, Virginia.
The Last Bison originally dubbed their sound "mountain-top chamber music" combining elements of alternative indie-folk with classical sensibilities.

"VA" is an album brimming with vitality and energy, embroidering the sonic landscape with vibrant colours.  Whether it be the driving rhythms of record opener "Bad Country" or the gentler closing track of "She Always Waits at the Gate", the listener will be treated to a canvas of pasteral images that will leave you beaming from ear to ear.

Listen on Spotify

"Bad Country"


"Cyprus Queen"

Similar artists:

Lord Huron

Mylo Green

The Oh Hellos

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26 Jul 2016 
Haley Bonar "Last War"

Release date: 20 May 2014

Label: Graveface Records


Haley Bonar is a Canadian Indie/Rock singer/songwriter, currently based in the USA, who with her latest release, "Last War", takes a different direction from her previous Alt/Folk recordings.

It's an album drenched in catchy harmonies, visceral electric guitars and pounding percussion, but no less enjoyable for all that, in fact, a breath of fresh air.

Listen on Spotify

"Last War"

"No Sensative Man"

"Eat for Free"

Similar artists:

Emily Jane White

Samantha Crain

Laura Veirs


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24 Jul 2016 
Julie Doiron "Woke Myself Up"

Release date: 23 January 2007

Label: Jagjaguwar

Website: Nothing official, but Can be found on Facebook

Julie Doiron is an award winning  canadian Indie/Rock singer/songwriter.

It's an album of intensely raw material with flourishing powerful musicianship, covering subject matter such as family life and the consequenses our interactions can have on eachother.

Listen on Spotify

"I woke Myself Up"

"I Left Town"

"The Wrong Guy"

Similar artists:

Mark Kozelek

Laura Veirs

Nina Nastasia


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20 Jul 2016 
Siv Jakobsen "The Lingering"

Release date: 26 May 2015

Label: Nordic Mellow Records


Siv Jakobsen is an Alt/Folk singer/songwriter from Norway.

"The Lingering" is a 7 track mini album and the old addige rings true with this recording "short and sweet", oh so sweet! and that's my only critisism... too damned short!

Every track is a thing of beauty, delivered with intensity and earnestness.  Jakobsen's vocals will melt you with her shimmering range of tones, accompanied by tasteful strings, piano and acoustic guitar, this album will linger long in the memory.

Listen on Spotify


"How We Used to Love"


Similar artists:

Rachel Sermanni

Billie Marten

Annie Eve


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18 Jul 2016 
The Wilderness of Manitoba "Island of Echos"

Release date: 18 September 2012

Label: Pheromone Records


The Wilderness of Manitoba are a Canadian Alt/Folk band, who with each passing record have evolved from being a gentle strummy outfit, to, with their last release "BetweenColours" from 2014, becoming fully fledged Folk/Rock artists.

"Island of Echos" from 2012, comes somewhere inbetween... A more upbeat affair, breezey toe tapping melodies, gorgeous harmonies and a cornucopia of folksy instrumentation.

Bound to put a smile on your face.

Listen on Spotify

"Morning Sun"

"Chasing Horses"


Similar artists:

Horse Feathers


Great Lake Swimmers


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17 Jul 2016 
Radiohead "A Moon Shaped Pool"

Release date: 17 June 2016

Label: XL


Radiohead are back and quite possibly with their best work for quite some time.

Tom York and other band members have been off doing their own thing and appear to have come back together refreshed and bring us one of their most melodically accessible album to date.

It's an album of glacial etherial beauty, but don't be lulled by it's soperific nature, as lyrically it's as edgy as any other Radiohead offering.

Soaring strings atop finger picked acoustic guitars and York's languid vocals go to make this a pure sonic pleasure.

Listen on Spotify

"Desert Island Disc"


"True Love Waits"

Similar artists:





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15 Jul 2016 
Bat for Lashes "The Haunted Man"

Release date: 3 December 2012

Label: EMI


Natasha Khan AKA Bat for Lashes is an Art/Pop singer/songwriter from London UK.

"The Haunted Man", Khan's third full length release, all be it a slightly more stripped back affair than previous offerings, it still contains lavish layered synths and hypnotic beats with the good lady's trademark heavenly vocals at the heart of this most compelling of albums.

Listen on Spotify

"Horses of the Sun"


"Winter Fields"

Similar artists:

Florence and the Machines


My Brightest Diamond


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14 Jul 2016 

Wren "Stitch an Ocean"

Release date: 20 February 2016

Label: Swimming Rabbit Records


Wren is the project of Seattle based Alt/Folk singer/songwriter Laura Brady.

Wren’s alternative folk music is sweet and whimsical, grounded in classical guitar finger-picking, gentle vocal harmonies, and sweeping fiddle lines. Described
as possessing a “naturalness and a philosophical bent at the same time,” her haunting melodies evoke the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Listen on Spotify

"Sea Calls"

"Hand Sewn Ocean"

"Amongst the Pine"

Similar artists:


Sons of the East

The honeys


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11 Jul 2016 
Ruarri Joseph "Brother"

Release date: 10 May 2013

Label: Atlantic


Ruarri Joseph is a British Contemporary Folk singer/songwriter, who with "Brother" presents his fourth full length release.

Ruarri possesses a rich velvet tambre to his vocals which were cultivated by his part living in Scotland and part in New Zealand.... They will draw the listener into hear beautiful poignant reflective songs of family, friendships and the bonds that tie them.

Listen on Spotify

Full album stream

Similar artists:


Al Lewis

John Smith

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08 Jul 2016 
The Battle of Land and Sea "The Battle of Land and Sea"

Release date: 14 January 2008

Label: Notenuf


The Battle of Land and Sea is an Indie/Folk bandfronted by lead singer Sarah O'Shurer from Sacramento, California.

This, their debut long player will seep into your subconscious like a sea mist and settle over you like a cloak of tranquility.

O'Shurer's delicately hushed vocals allied with soothing acoustic instrumentation will have you thirsting for more.

Listen on Spotify

"Bird Song"

"Saltwater Queen"

"You are a Sailor"

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Mariee Sioux

Alela Diane

Laura Veirs

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